Hidden Canyon (Wasatch Mtns, UT)

Location description

  • Elevation: 9400 ft
  • Aspect: 197-205° (South-Southwest)
  • Slope: 20-22° at towers
  • Dominant tree species: Engelmann spruce, Subalpine fir, Aspen
  • There are 2 georeferenced gridsand other markers.
  • Site of ecohydrology experiments(snowmelt, soil carbon cycling, and plant water balance)
  • Established by the Bowling Lab in the Fall of 2009.


Hidden Canyon has:


This site is connected to the internet via a wireless modem. This modem is connected via radio to both dataloggers, so both can be accessed from the Bowling lab with LoggerNet. See this page for information on how this works.

Site logs

Activity logs document all site visits (beginning Dec 20, 2009)

TO DO list

  • ~~Remove Sentek sensors~~
  • ~~Remove Profiles 1, 1d, 3, 3d and Mux1~~
  • ~~Remove sensors on F1 datalogger tower, including both downward looking IR surface temp sensors~~
  • ~~Take down ropes and signs around site~~
  • Remove all flagging.
  • ~~Remove second enclosure/battery on solar panel tower.~~
  • ~~Tighten nut on upward PAR sensor~~
  • Remove profiles 2d and 4d
  • Wiring to Mux 3 needs to be pulled/cut out
  • Take down Forest, Met, Solar towers
  • Flagging, stakes, and resp collars should be removed.