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Dust composition and origin

[[media/misc/dustmap.jpg|width=300px|align=left|alt="Dust collection sites along the Buckhorn Draw Road (San Rafael Swell, UT"]] Dust used in this project is derived from the Chinle-Moenkopi formation of the Colorado Plateau. The nutrient and chemical composition has been described in Neff et al, 2006. This dust was collected on 20 Feb, 2010 along the Buckhorn Draw Road in the San Rafael Swell of Utah. This material was wet at the time of collection. It was dried and then sifted to .5mm before application.

Chinle 1

Coordinates: 39.112961° N 110.680463° W

The road cuts directly below a Chinle/Moenkopi (probably Chinle) exposure and there is material collected between the road and the base of this wall. Brick red, material is directly below outcrop and is rather shaley still (blocky pebbles mixed with finer material).

Chinle 2

Coordinates: 39.111881° N 110.679688° W

Around the corner (SE) the road cuts throuh a fan of soil and rock debris below multiple chinle outcrops, with a wingate cliff towering above it. The fan is lightly vegetated with junipers, rabbitbrush, etc. This material was dug out of the roadcut. It is also brick red, slightly lighter, and is generally finer textured than Chinle 1. There are inclusions of a beige to blue crumbly sandstone within it. It may be a combination of Chinle/Moenkopi and weathered Wingate/Navajo from above.