Active research projects

Each research project has its own directory. Within these project directories there are overview pages, methods pages (usually site-specific methods), project logs, and results pages. Overview pages describe the project objectives, hypotheses, and research approach, and should link to all other pages in the project namespace.

Hidden Canyon ecohydrology

Western U.S. soil carbon cycling

Niwot girdling study (niwot_girdling/girdling)


Protocols for making measurements in the field or the lab, processing samples for analysis, or analyzing data. Intended as a general reference, but site or experiment-specific info can be appended as necessary.

Laboratory protocols

Field protocols

Data analysis and instrumentation programming

Research writing


Pages covering statistical and mathematical concepts, or numerical methods used in data analysis. Some of these pages are composed primarily of links to further information on the subject.


Contain documentation for operating, calibrating, and maintaining field and lab instruments, sensors, etc. There are also notes on programs, calibration constants, and conversion coefficients for instruments currently in use.

Research Sites

Research sites (or networks) have their own namespace. Pages in a site namespace should have descriptive information about the sites themselves, research instrumentation, or researcher activities there. For example: site maps, research plot layouts, technical info and schematics for research installations (weather stations, etc.), activity/maintenance logs, etc.

Hidden Canyon

Red Butte Canyon

NRCS Snow Survey sites

  • A network of mountain sites in the western U.S. where manual (snow courses) and automated (SNOTEL sites) measurements of snowpack (SWE) are taken for water supply forecasting. Manual measurements date back to the 1930's.
  • Official site

Niwot Ridge LTER

  • A high elevation LTER and Ameriflux site in Colorado.
  • Extensive research on tundra and forest ecology has been in progress here for a long time. The Bowling lab has instrumentation that measures biosphere-atmosphere interactions (CO~2~ mainly).

Inactive research projects

These are either completed or on hold.

Ion deposition in snow (snowdep)

Western U.S. soil climate analysis (west_stationdata)