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  • This site is intended for scientific collaboration. It is not to be used for:
  • Research unrelated to climate, ecosystems, and carbon or water cycling.
  • Commentaries on climate change or the vast conspiracy behind climate science.
  • Rambling about random subjects - stick to research ideas and activities such as measurements, methodology, results, and relevant discussions about these things.
  • Cite relevant research papers mentioned in your text.
  • Please look at the content of the site before posting or editing and try to be consistent with the style (such as it is) of this content.
  • Before creating a page, make sure it is consistent with the namespace and pagename conventions used on this site. The topic index is a good way to familiarize yourself with the site's organization. For example: If you add a research project, give it a namespace (new_project/) and first describe it with a new overview/ page in that namespace (ie. newproject:overview). You can add site-specific pages, like measurement logs, preliminary data, etc., to the project namespace (ie. new_project:soilcollectionlog). If you add procedures or other info that can be generalized to other projects, put them in the appropriate namespace (procedures, or instruments for example).
  • Please send us an email if you are contributing to, or would like to contribute, the site. We'd love to chat with people with similar research projects and interests.