Geospatial data tools

This page is a placeholder for procedures that involve geospatial data. There are a few links. That is all.

General tools

  • Open Source Geospation Foundation (OSGeo)- provides a portal to many open source geospatial software projects, like:
  • GRASS desktop GIS- geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, graphics/maps production, spatial modeling, and visualization.
  • Qgis- a more user friendly desktop GIS that supports vector, raster, and database formats and offers integration with GRASS.
  • GDAL libraries- translator library for many raster geospatial data formats (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library)
  • OGR libraries- translator library for simple features vector data (nowadays a subset of GDAL).
  • NCO- a collection of utilities that aid manipulation and analysis of gridded scientific data (like climate/circulation data)

Python tools

  • GDAL/OGR bindings for Python - the bindings to allow Python to call GDAL and OGR (syntax mostly follows the C++ class definitions)
    • This site provides some examples of how to use the bindings)
  • Basemap - a library for 2D mapping (in Anaconda)
    • NOTE - the current version of Basemap in Anaconda requires an old version of GEOS that causes some GDAL import issues. A workaround is to install basemap (with conda or from the conda-forge package) and let conda downgrade GDAL, libgdal, and GEOS. May need to make symbolic links to any missing dynamic libraries in the correct environment path (See here)