It seems there are 2 versions of this product: 1) The original datasets produced by NASA, and 2) an improved version by the U. Montana NTSD group that reduces the amount of "cloud contamination" and improves the underlying climate dataset.

  • Main NTSD website, see also the NASA site

  • User guide

  • Original, uncorrected data

  • Version 55, available in several time formats:

    • Annual (A3, MOD17A3 directory) data
    • Monthly (Monthly A2, Monthly_MOD17A2 directory), in year and month subdirectories
    • 8 day (A2, MOD17A2 directory) in year and day of year subdirectories
    • In each subdirectory there is one .hdf file for each tile (see projection and tiling info below)


Improvements of the MODIS terrestrial gross and net primary production global data set

Sensitivity of Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) terrestrial primary production to the accuracy of meteorological reanalyses

Drought-Induced Reduction in GlobalTerrestrial Net Primary Production from 2000 Through 2009 and Supplemental Material

Getting the data

  1. Go to the links listed above and navigate to the correct directory
  2. MODIS data comes in spatial extent tiles following the "MODIS Sinusoidal tiling system"
    • For New Mexico the correct tiles are is H8V5 and H9V5